Tracing Living Relatives

There are lots of reasons people may want an individual tracing, however, I will only help in tracing people who may still be alive who are:

  • Relatives – with documentary evidence of your relationship to that individual.
  • Adopted people wanting to trace their birth family  – with documentary evidence such as your original birth certificate.

I will not help in tracing birth families for reasons such as one “Lady” asked me to going on to explain “so she could cause a storm with her birth mothers new family”?!

If you are adopted and you are thinking of tracing your birth family I know you will have thought long and hard about this before even reading this, however I have experienced several reactions from birth families – bear in mind if successful you will probably face one of the below outcomes:

  • Best case scenario – you are welcomed and they are pleased you have found them.
  • Worst case scenario – they may have passed away of they many not want to know for a wide variety of reasons – which may be why the adoption took place originally.
  • Awkward scenario – they might want to know but they may need time to deal with the news and the consequences it has on their life currently – e.g. they may have to tell a spouse about a child they have never known about or they may need to break the news to any other children they may now have.
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