Old fashioned playtime

Hop scotch!

Ha ha look at them tatty headed girls with dirty faces and dirty knees! Now I used to play this often marked out with chalk in the 70’s but if you didn’t have any to hand you could use a stone and scratch it onto the paving stones it worked just as well!



Made out of old pram wheels or any wheels come to think of it, and any bits of wood you could scrounge! Bit before my time but I bet my dad liked making these!

Ring-a-ring o’ roses

Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down

Some people believe this nursery rhyme is about the Great Plague of England and the Black Death from the 1600’s, it has been sung to this tune since the 1790’d and first appeared as this in print in 1881!  Who knows?!


More a boys thing really.  The conker that smashed all the other ones was the best!


Two balls – or if you were clever 3 or even 4 – this was more a girls game. Basically juggling bouncing two balls off the wall!

Free school milk given out at my junior school in the morning at playtime.  Now it was either cold or warm (urgh) and one person was selected each day to give the milk out – the milk monitor – often because they had been a good boy or girl!  Of course we no longer get free perks like this anymore apparently thanks to Maggie Thatcher!



Popular in the 50s/60s the Pig Swill Bin!

I remember a similar thing at junior school all the leftover food was scraped into it and apparently it was collected and fed to the pigs! Nice!


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